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Bruce Bulford has been practicing through his law firm, Bulford Legal Pty Limited since 1 July 2012. Before then, He was a solicitor/director of the incorporated legal practice, Bruce Stewart Dimarco Pty Limited.

In 2004, Bruce Stewart Dimarco Pty Limited changed its name from the Bruce & Stewart Commercial Practice Pty Limited. Bruce joined the Bruce & Stewart Commercial Practice Pty Limited in May 2001 and prior to that, he was a senior associate with Abbott Tout. He was employed by Abbott Tout in February 1985.

Since February 1985, Bruce has been practicing in the liquor licensing jurisdiction of NSW and is a recognised expert in liquor licensing law and gaming law in New South Wales.

Bruce is the author/editor of the Thompson Reuters loose leaf legal text book “Liquor Licensing Law & Practice NSW”. Bruce took over this text book from the Late Ken Palmer (formerly a partner with Abbott Tout) in 1996.

Bruce has an extensive liquor licensing law and gaming law practice, which relevantly involves a wide variety of commercial transactions involving licensed venues.

Bruce’s hospitality practice often requires working in the NSW planning law jurisdiction.  Bruce is well known to the major town planning consultants who specialise in licensed venues.

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